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The App Economy in India

By and / 9.12.2019

India is one of the premier technology countries in the world. According to one forecast, India will overtake the US as the world’s largest developer population center by 2024. (1) India is also one of the leading countries for mobile app downloads, due to its more than 500 million smartphone users. (2)

At the same time, as we will show in this report, India also has a very strong App Economy. We estimate that India has 1.674 million App Economy jobs, as of August 2019. That’s up from 1.208 million as of 2016, a 39 percent increase. By comparison, the United States had 2.246 million App Economy jobs as of April 2019, and the European Union (plus Switzerland and Norway) had 2.093 million App Economy jobs as of July 2019.

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