Joseph V. Gulfo

Joseph V. Gulfo, MD, MBA, a senior fellow with the Progressive Policy Institute, is the author of The Care Quotient: Transforming Business Through People (September 2016) and Innovation Breakdown: How the FDA and Wall Street Cripple Medical Advances (June 2014). He is Executive Director of the Lewis Center for Healthcare Innovation and Technology at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) where he is spearheading the Initiative for Patient-Centered Innovation and also serves as a Professor of Health Sciences. Previously a Visiting Scholar at the George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, he authored the white paper, The Proper Role of the FDA for the 21st Century. Dr. Gulfo teaches graduate cancer biology and maintains a cancer biology blog. Prior to this, he served as President & CEO of MELA Sciences (2004-2013), and was Chairman of the Board (2011-2013).