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Marshall for The Hill: “How center-leftists can stem the nationalist tide in Europe”

By / 5.29.2019

The rise of nationalist movements in Europe has coincided with a steep decline in public support for center-left parties. Despite harboring much residual goodwill toward them, European voters no longer see these parties as offering clear answers to the most vexing questions of the day.

That is a key takeaway from a sweeping new survey of European political attitudes that the Progressive Policy Institute released late last month at a gathering of center-left leaders and thinkers in Berlin.

Conducted by Expedition Strategies, the poll interviewed 1,503 voters in Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Italy.

The findings reveal a restive European public worried about their economic prospects, high taxes, inequality, immigration and climate change. Most see their country and the European Union as headed down the wrong track.

Read PPI President Will Marshall’s full piece here.