Amid Trump economic debacle, Biden’s central message must be his plan for American recovery

President Donald Trump is desperate to make this campaign about anything other than the economic disaster his incompetence has largely caused. But Joe Biden can’t let him do it. Biden’s own robust economic recovery plans must become the Biden-Harris ticket’s key election message.

Just in the last two weeks, Trump has desperately invoked law and order, or federal approval of a non-existent vaccine, or the latest QAnon conspiracy theory — in short, anything but the sick economic elephant in the room.

And no wonder. More than 22 million Americans lost their jobs just in March and April as Donald Trump bungled the COVID crisis, but more than half of those jobs have yet to return. Job growth in July was less than half that of June. And the new August numbers out last Friday being touted by the administration in fact barely make a dent in this new structural unemployment. The actual unemployment rate may be closer to 9% due to misclassification, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, andover 29 million people were receiving unemployment benefits as of mid-August.

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