Bledsoe for The Hill: “Biden must first unite the party to defeat Trump”

While Super Tuesday’s dramatic results have boosted former Vice President Joe Biden more than anyone predicted, it’s still not enough, not yet. Nothing less than Biden going into the convention in Milwaukee with a sizable majority will convince most supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to rally around “Uncle Joe” as the nominee.

Fortunately, Biden’s current 70-delegate lead is certain to grow, since he will likely win by large margins — 30 points or more — in the South, giving him huge net delegate gains in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and other states. Even if Sanders wins a few primaries, it will be by very narrow margins, so he will gain only a few net delegates more than Biden in those contests, and likely never catch up.

Still, healing the rift between centrist and far-left Democrats is important to driving Biden’s turnout in the fall — and will not be that easy. After all, Sanders is a Democratic Socialist who has made it clear for many years that he believes he is leading a cause — a movement — rather than just a campaign. On the stump, Sanders is sounding increasingly paranoid, railing against the “political establishment… coming together, and they will do anything and everything” to stop him, he says.

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