Lewis for The Gazette: “Finding Common Ground on Net Neutrality”

Even before impeachment gained momentum, Americans overwhelmingly agreed that our country is “on the wrong track” and disapproved of the performance of the president and Congress. That’s largely because, even on issues where there is broad public agreement, the legislative and executive branches have been unable to find sensible solutions.

Exhibit A is an issue that should be about technology, not ideology: broadband policy. Over two decades, most Americans have come to agree about the basic principle of “net neutrality.” That’s the common-sense idea that all internet traffic must be treated equally, and no company should be able to block or throttle online traffic in order to gain a competitive leg-up.

But still, some progressives insist on all-or-nothing over-regulation of the internet, while some conservatives contend that the best thing the federal government can do is nothing at all. Recent events make it even more urgent for the grownups to break the gridlock.

Read the full op-ed here.

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