Marshall for The Daily Beast: “Democrats Can Repair Free Enterprise-or Destroy Themselves”

The U.S. economy is chugging toward a new record for longest expansion, and middle-class families, finally, are seeing decent wage gains. Yet our political leaders, as if stuck in a time warp, keep peddling a bleak narrative of economic victimhood and defeatism. 2020 is Democrats’ chance to channel and implement radically pragmatic, empowering, and innovative economic ideas.

On the other side, the Demsocs want Democrats to reject free enterprise in favor of a left-wing version of Trump’s splenetic and divisive populism.  Instead, Democrats should channel the spirit of FDR and present voters with a hope-inspiring plan for how a reinvigorated private sector and government can work together to restore shared prosperity.

Read PPI President Will Marshall’s piece in The Daily Beast here. 

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