PPI Announces New Office Opening in Berlin, Germany

WASHINGTON —The Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) today announced the opening of a new office in Berlin, Germany to further its longstanding commitment to transatlantic engagement and cooperation. 

“With an uncertain geopolitical landscape in Europe post-Brexit—and ever changing political dynamics in the United States—it is as critical as ever for Americans and Europeans to reaffirm their support for a healthy and productive transatlantic alliance rooted in our shared democratic ideals,” said Lindsay Mark Lewis, Executive Director at PPI. 

“With this in mind, PPI believes it is important for U.S. politicians and policy professionals to experience and learn about the European view on essential economic, cultural, and security issues impacting us both and for leaders in Germany and across Europe to engage in a dialogue with the next generation of U.S. leaders. We are excited to announce today the opening of a new office in Berlin to further this mission and to continue our commitment to a better understanding and appreciation of a shared future of prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.”

The office in Berlin is the second European office that PPI has invested in, following the 2016 Brussels office opening. Over the past several years, PPI has engaged in public policy dialogues in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Rome, London, Dublin, Geneva, Prague, Liverpool, Stockholm, Riga, and Warsaw.

PPI will be partnering with Berlin-based think-tank Das Progressive Zentrum (DPZ) on several upcoming projects that will be announced soon.

PPI is a non-profit organization with the mission of providing educational programming on current policy issues. The think-tank was a leader in the founding and push for the progressive modernization movement in the 1990s. PPI has continued this work since by maintaining relationships in Europe and producing informative and though-provoking transatlantic missions and reports. To date, PPI has hosted bipartisan representatives from more than 70 U.S. congressional, gubernatorial, and mayoral offices. 


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