Press Release: Americans deserve solutions, not rhetoric, to solve Net Neutrality

For Immediate Release (3/6/19)

WASHINGTON – “Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Congressman Mike Doyle (PA-14) today unveiled a bill that will only continue to delay real action on net neutrality.  Congress last passed significant legislation on our communications networks in 1996 and this new proposed bill is a continuation of the DC game of rhetoric and no action as this bill has no chance of passing Congress.

“For the last two decades, different versions of net neutrality have bounced between Congress, the FCC, the courts, and most recently within states — but even with today’s proposal, many of the issues surrounding Net Neutrality will still go unsolved.

“Bipartisan compromise on strong, permanent, clean net neutrality is clearly within reach. We are confident that a practical deal that will protect consumers, strengthen the internet, grow the digital economy, and add jobs in an evolving and modern sector is on the horizon, but this proposal doesn’t pass the smell test.

“It’s not enough to hold press conferences and introduce message bills – American consumers deserve effective action that actually solves the problem of net neutrality.   The backward-looking poison pill approach we have seen so far only makes it harder to achieve.  Hopefully, Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate will work together moving forward on changes to this legislation that can get us over the finish line and deliver a lasting solution on Net Neutrality – not just more talking points and fundraising emails.

“We continue to urge Congress to solve this problem for good by enacting a strong, pro-consumer, clean net neutrality law ensuring an open internet for all that does not apply European style regulations to a true American success story: the communications sector.”


Members of the news media may contact, or by phone (202) 525-3926.

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