Press Release: “Court Ruling Continues ‘Groundhog Day’ Cycle for Consumers”

PPI Executive Director Lindsay Lewis calls decision a ‘wake up call’ for Congress to pass bipartisan net neutrality bill

WASHINGTON – PPI’s Lindsay Lewis Statement on Court Decision Today on FCC: “This is a wakeup call for Congress to break the entrenched gridlock on net neutrality and pass a bipartisan bill that will permanently protect an open internet.  Absent bipartisan action, today’s ruling will leave consumers in limbo for years to come, while opening the door to a patchwork of different state standards that could splinter the internet and hurt consumers.  Waiting several more years just to restart the same Groundhog’s Day cycle at the FCC isn’t a good option.  Congress needs to come together and find a bipartisan path forward to enact permanent, clear, enforceable net neutrality rules through statute.”



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