Funding America’s Future: A Progressive Budget for Equitable Growth

PPI’s Progressive Budget for Equitable Growth gives the next administration a framework for investing in our country that doesn’t stick young Americans with the bill. It powers the engines of American innovation by increasing investments in infrastructure, education, and scientific research by more than 70 percent relative to what they would be under current law. We tackle the greatest challenges facing our society, from rising economic inequality to climate change, through dynamic tax and spending policies that also help smooth the business cycle. And we pay for all of it, giving future policymakers the fiscal space necessary to respond to other unforeseen challenges and demonstrating that fiscal responsibility and investing in the American people are not contradictory – they are in fact complementary. By supporting both equity and growth, our blueprint would once again make fiscal policy an instrument of national progress.

Download the full plan below.

Download (PDF, 3.97MB)


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