Social Democrats, progressives need strong economic and jobs platform to compete

A newly commissioned poll from PPI by Expedition Strategies shows Social Democrats, progressives need a strong economic and jobs platform to stay competitive moving forward. According to the poll, Social Democrats and progressives:

  • Have widespread voter anxiety about economic and political conditions. Most believe the economy is working for the wealthy, but many are concerned about how it works for themselves. Other important voter concerns: immigration, climate change.
  • Say their country and the EU are headed the wrong way. That means: 1) in many cases the status quo will be a bigger risk than change. So the default would be to vote for change; and 2) there will be little tolerance being asked to accept less (fewer benefits, higher taxes) – particularly unless the burden appears to be shared.
  • Are (not surprisingly) far less concerned about conditions in Europe than in their own conditions – particularly economic.
  • See the EU as important for addressing a small number of challenges – mostly related to harmonizing policies. But improving economic conditions such as wages is largely viewed as a national responsibility, not EU.
  • Overwhelmingly agree that small and medium-sized businesses need help to be more successful even though many industries (finance, health, technology, pharmaceuticals) are viewed as areas of concern.

See the full, detailed results here: PPI EU Poll Deck A4 FNL 2

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