Webinar: How Telehealth Can Improve Access to and Implementation of Mental Health Services

Fears about the novel coronavirus, the economy, and prolonged self-isolation are taking a toll on Americans and is making us sick. Calls to the federal mental health crisis hotline have increased 900 percent compared this time last year. Telehealth provides an opportunity for Americans to access mental health and essential primary care providers from their homes.

Many health care providers including therapists and psychiatrists have adapted, moving their appointments from their office and meeting virtually with patients online. And there is evidence that telehealth provides benefits to patients with anxiety and depression. Virtual care can help people feel less isolated, learn coping tools, develop goals and routines, and provide emotional support for people struggling during this difficult time. And in bolstering mental health, telehealth offers a new highway for improving patients’ overall health.

Lucy McBride, MD, Neil Leibowitz, MD, JD, of Talkspace, and PPI’s Arielle Kane discuss how telehealth can improve access to mental health services and how policy can improve access and encourage better integration of mental health across the care continuum.

Watch the full webinar here.

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