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Report: Android Helps Create 1.2 million App Economy Jobs in Europe

BRUSSELS—According to research by the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), the Android mobile operating system has helped create 1.2 million App Economy jobs in Europe. The figure comes from a PPI policy memo, “The App Economy in Europe: Leading Countries and Cities,” which covers the 28 EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland. Android-related App Economy jobs are found in every European country, led by the United Kingdom and Germany. Indeed, Europe has more Android-related App Economy jobs than the United States.

“App Economy jobs have been growing at a rapid pace, even as the overall European labor market is still weak,” says Dr. Michael Mandel, PPI’s Chief Economic Strategist, who wrote the report and developed the research methodology. “These App Economy jobs didn’t exist 8 years ago.”

“Most European policymakers and regulators don’t have a good grasp of the importance of App Economy employment,” says Michael Quigley, director of PPI’s European office in Brussels. “The latest election results tell us that voters don’t want more regulation–they want a chance to participate in New Economy growth.”

App Economy employment includes jobs involved with building, maintaining, and supporting mobile apps, plus a conservative estimate of spillover jobs. These jobs are estimated using a methodology based on analyzing the universe of online jobs postings.

PPI recently announced the opening of an office in Brussels to serve as its European base, a sign of its commitment to strengthening the transatlantic dialogue between the U.S. and our European partners on data-driven innovation, competition policy, trade, taxation and other issues at the center of the transatlantic relationship.