Summary: PPI on the Digital Economy

By / 7.13.2018

Here’s a selection of PPI’s recent work on the Digital Economy.  This list does not include our global App Economy work.

Perceptions versus Reality,” (June 2018) (Michael Mandel and Desirée Van Welsum)

The Internet of Goods and a Revitalized Economy: Upstate New York as a Template,” (January 2018) (Michael Mandel and Elliott Long)

Get Ready for the Internet of Goods,” Wall Street Journal (October 15, 2017)(Michael Mandel)

The Next Ten Million Jobs: Energizing the Physical Industries in the Heartland States,” (October 2017) (Michael Mandel)

How Ecommerce Creates Jobs and Reduces Income Inequality,” (September 2017) (Michael Mandel)

An Analysis of Job and Wage Growth in the Tech/Telecom Sector,” (September 2017) (Michael Mandel)

The Economic Impact of Data: Why Data Is Not Like Oil,” (July 2017) (Michael Mandel)

Moving Beyond the Balance Sheet Economy,” in Policy Choices for a Digital Age, Friends of Europe, (June 2017) (Michael Mandel)

Robots Will Save the Economy,” Wall Street Journal (May 14, 2017) (Bret Swanson and Michael Mandel)

How the Startup Economy is Spreading Across the Country — and How It Can Be Accelerated,” (March 2017). (Michael Mandel)

The Coming Productivity Boom,” (March 2017) (Michael Mandel and Bret Swanson)

Long-term U.S. Productivity Growth and Mobile Broadband: The Road Ahead,”  (March 2016) (Michael Mandel)

Data, Trade, and Growth,” in Measuring Globalization: Better Trade Statistics for Better Policy – Volume 2. Factoryless Manufacturing, Global Supply Chains, and Trade in Intangibles and Data, Susan N. Houseman and Michael Mandel, eds. W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research (2015) (Michael Mandel)

( See the working paper version hereData, Trade and Growth,” (April 2014) (Michael Mandel))

The 2015 PPI Tech/Info Job Ranking,” (December 2015) (Michelle Di Ionno and Michael Mandel)

Common Carrier Regulation of the Internet: Investment Impacts,” House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on Communications and Technology (October 27, 2015) (Michael Mandel)

Should the United States Adopt an Innovation Box?: The Post-BEPS Landscape,” (October 2015) (Michael Mandel and Michelle Di Ionno)

The California Tech/Info Boom: How It Is Spreading Across the State,” (July 2015) (Michael Mandel)

Uncovering the Hidden Value of Digital Trade,” (July 2015) (Paul Hofheinz and Michael Mandel)

The Blame Game: Multinational Taxation in an Era of Knowledge,” (May 2015) (Michael Mandel, Paul Weinstein  & Sarah O’Byrne)

London Shines in Tech/Info Employment: The Rest of the UK Struggles,” (April 2015) (Michael Mandel)

Tech Opportunity for Minorities and Women: A Good News, Bad News Story,” (April 2015) (Michael Mandel and Diana Carew)

Taxing Intangibles: The Law of Unintended Consequences,” (April 2015) (Michael Mandel)

Obama’s Plan To Regulate The Internet Would Do More Harm Than Good,” Washington Post (November 14, 2014) (Michael Mandel)

Where are the Big Data Jobs?,” (May 2014) (Michael Mandel)

Bridging The Data Gap: How Digital Innovation Can Drive Growth and Jobs,” (April 2014) (Paul Hofheinz and Michael Mandel)

 New York, the Silicon City,” New York Times (January 6, 2014) (Michael Mandel)

 The PPI Tech/Info Job Ranking,” (October 2013) (Michael Mandel)

Beyond Goods and Services: The (Unmeasured) Rise of the Data-Driven Economy,” (October 2012) (Michael Mandel)

 Scale and Innovation in Today’s Economy,” (December 2011) (Michael Mandel)

Innovation by Acquisition: New Dynamics of High-Tech Competition,” (November 2011) (Michael Mandel and Diana Carew)

Telecom Investment: The Link to U.S. Jobs and Wages,” (May 2011) (Michael Mandel)

The Coming Communications Boom?: Jobs, Innovation and Countercyclical Regulatory Policy,”  (July 2010) (Michael Mandel)