Marshall for Medium: “Trump’s Biggest Broken Promise”

Unlike such polarizing issues as health care, immigration and climate change, repairing and updating our economic infrastructure is something both parties say they are for. Yet somehow our political leaders can’t get the job done.

President Trump often complains about the shabby state of America’s airports, highways and railways. “The only one to fix the infrastructure of our country is me — roads, airports, bridges,” he tweeted just before launching his 2016 presidential bid. “I know how to build, pols only know how to talk!”

Yet Trump’s lack of focus and discipline, along with his clownish political antics, keep sabotaging bipartisan progress on infrastructure. In a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer in April, Trump proposed to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure. But the deal quickly unraveled as Republican Senators made clear they wouldn’t support gas or other tax increases to pay for it.


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