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Corporate Tax Reform: Time for Republicans to Show Us the Plan

By / 3.21.2017

While much of the debate over the first few months of the Trump Presidency has focused on immigration, cabinet nominations, and Russian interference in the U.S. election, the push toward corporate tax reform may be building momentum.

With a growing number of President Trump’s inner circle embracing Speaker Paul Ryan’s proposed Border Adjusted Destination-Based Cash Flow Tax (DBCFT), the likelihood the concept will be included in a final tax reform package has jumped considerably.

At the same time, the Ryan proposal has split the business community and drawn fire from some prominent Senate Republicans, raising questions as to whether Republicans can unite behind the Ryan approach – or, indeed, any tax reform proposal. Meanwhile, Democrats are keeping their powder dry, noting that, at this point, no one has actually seen a concrete proposal. It’s time for Republicans to show us their plan.

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