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New Ideas No. 8: Enable More Workers to Become Owners through Employee Stock Ownership

By / 4.3.2019

Despite growth in gross domestic product, corporate profits, and the stock market over the past several years, American workers today capture a historically low share of those economic benefits. The labor share of income today is several percentage points lower than the postwar average and, after adjusting for inflation, median compensation today is only about 10 percent higher than in the mid-1970s.

More American workers would benefit directly from economic growth if they had an ownership in the companies where they work. To help achieve this goal, Congress should encourage more companies to adopt employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), which provide opportunities for workers to participate in a company’s profits and share in its growth. Firms with ESOPs enjoy higher productivity growth and stronger resilience during downturns, and employees enjoy a direct stake in that growth. ESOP firms also generate higher levels of retirement savings for workers, thereby addressing another crucial priority for American workers.

While the tax code encourages employee ownership through certain policy incentives, not all businesses benefit equally from these measures. Expanding ESOP tax incentives for S corporations, a large and growing share of U.S. companies, can help ensure that more Americans have access to the economic benefits that ESOPs provide.

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