A New Production Economy

America must not return to the easy path of debt-fueled consumption. It is time, instead, to rebuild our country’s productive might. This will require more domestic investment, more innovation, smart investments in infrastructure and more competitive companies and workers. This is why PPI pays special attention to new sources of jobs and growth arising from the telecommunications boom and the “data-driven economy.” At the same time, we must rebuild the competitiveness of more traditional sectors, including manufacturing. We need balanced economic growth to sustain broad, middle-class opportunity.

Center for Civil Justice

America’s civil justice system is the keystone of our economic and political liberties. It is where the aggrieved can seek redress and peacefully resolve disputes. It undergirds free enterprise by protecting property rights, barring discrimination and enforcing contracts. Today, however, the U.S. civil justice system has become a battleground for ideologues, special interests and attorneys who misuse the courts to promote narrow political causes and extract economic rents, often regardless of truth or consequences for others. The PPI Center for Civil Justice seeks to defend the integrity of our legal system from such litigation abuse. Our mission is grounded in the progressive legal philosophy that the civil justice system is a “public good” that should produce predictable, accurate and just results. Our goal is to give a voice to the community of pragmatic progressives on pressing legal and liability-related issues before federal and state courts, Congress, state legislatures and federal agencies. If you are interested in writing for the Center for Civil Justice or want to support our efforts, please contact Phil Goldberg at

Energy Realism

When it comes to energy, Americans deserve better than a false choice between green fantasies and “drill baby drill.” PPI’s strategy for energy realism recognizes that we will have to tap all fuels – fossil, nuclear, renewable – to meet growing energy demands. A balanced national energy portfolio must also reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions over time, either by shifting out fuel mix away from the most carbon-intensive, or by adopting new carbon storage techniques, or some combination of both.

Health Care Innovation

Reinventing America's Schools Project

Reinventing America’s Schools is a project of the Progressive Policy Institute. A new and better way to organize public education is rapidly evolving—a method that we call the 21st Century model of school governance. The key is treating every school as successful charters are treated—with clear goals, operational autonomy, and real accountability—whether it is a charter school, a contract school, or a district school. Our goal is to introduce this model to the mainstream policy and political community.

Reinventing Regulation

The single greatest challenge our country faces today is renewing its economic strength and dynamism. This demands not just new economic policies, but also changes in how government regulates business. Our work focuses on removing governmental barriers to innovation, including antitrust, and regulatory reform; tax policy; trade; education and workforce development; infrastructure and telecommunications.

Rethinking Housing Policy

We believe in a robust housing market and a healthy balance between government and private capital. Our work focuses on housing and homeownership, Fannie and Freddie reform, financial services regulation and retirement security.

Reviving Progressive Governance

Polarization and hyper-partisanship are destructive to the fabric of our nation. Without a working political process, we cannot hope to overcome the many challenges our country faces in the coming century. We support reforms that improve our system of elections and campaign finance and that empower the disenfranchised middle. Rather than reflexively defending government as it is, we also believe in reforming government so that it is efficient, effective and relevant to the concerns of ordinary Americans. We support decentralizing power, breaking down outdated bureaucracies, and innovating in the delivery of public services, particularly in education and social policy. And we believe in creating a fiscally responsible path for the future that balances spending and revenues to maximize economic growth and future opportunity.

Standing Up for Liberal Democracy in the World

We believe in a “progressive internationalism” that unflinchingly confronts new threats to our national security but also embraces our historic role as an advocate of liberal democracy. We believe in a muscular foreign policy that is tough but pragmatic.

The Data-Driven Economy