PPI Launches Center for Funding America’s Future

WASHINGTON – The Progressive Policy Institute today announced the launch of a new Center for Funding America’s Future that will promote a fiscally responsible public investment agenda.

This launch comes at a pivotal moment in the federal budget debate. In under two months, Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress have enacted policies that grow federal budget deficits by several trillion dollars throughout the next decade. The administration’s latest budget proposal, meanwhile, offers few ideas to tackle the soaring deficit aside from gutting critical investments in our nation’s intellectual, human, and physical capital.

The PPI Center for Funding America’s Future will offer sensible center-left alternatives to this reckless agenda that foster robust and inclusive economic growth. The Center’s work will include publishing research reports, providing timely commentary on policy debates, and organizing a series of public engagement events around the country.

“The United States now faces trillion-dollar deficits every year as far as the eye can see, which threaten to undermine public support and funding for important investments in the long-term health of our economy,” said Will Marshall, President of the Progressive Policy Institute. “The events of the past week make clear that the work of PPI’s new Center on Funding America’s Future is needed now more than ever.”

The Center will be led by Ben Ritz, who will provide PPI with expert analysis of government spending and tax policies. Ritz previously staffed the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Commission on Retirement Security and Personal Savings, where he helped develop the commission’s comprehensive proposals to reform Social Security and retirement-related tax expenditures, and served as Legislative Outreach Director for the budget-focused Concord Coalition. Ritz has also provided communications and research assistance to several victorious Democratic political campaigns in the Trump era.

“Democrats have a unique opportunity to present themselves as the responsible stewards of government,” said Ritz. “But in order to do so, they need to stand firm against Republican profligacy and offer a credible alternative. I am excited to help PPI’s Center on Funding America’s Future make the case for a fiscally responsible public investment agenda to policymakers and their constituents alike.”

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