Ritz for Forbes, “Projected Deficits Grew $872 Billion In Three Months. Here’s How To Rein Them In”

new report from the Congressional Budget Office projects federal budget deficits between 2019 and 2029 to be $872 billion higher than was projected just three months ago. As a result, Donald Trump will be forced to campaign for re-election next year with his government running a trillion-dollar deficit. Democrats should hold the “king of debt” accountable for his inability to manage the nation’s finances and present voters with a compelling alternative: a new progressivism that invests in our country without burying young Americans under a mountain of debt.

The increase in CBO’s deficit projections is largely due to the bipartisan budget deal signed into law this month and other spending policies enacted over the summer, which CBO says together will cost nearly $2 trillion – making them almost as expensive as the tax-cut bill enacted by Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress in 2017. Projected deficits also increased by almost $280 due to technical changes in CBO’s modeling. Partially offsetting these costs was a reduction in CBO’s forecast for interest rates, which brought projected deficits down by a whopping $1.4 trillion.

That a change of less than one percentage point in interest rates can cost nearly as much as the budget deal or the Trump tax cuts is a testament to the size of our national debt on which that interest is owed. The $16.5 trillion debt (which grows to almost $22.5 trillion if one includes intragovernmental debt such as that owed to the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds) will only become worse moving forward as the government is projected to spend $1 trillion more than it raises in revenue every single year from 2020 onward if current laws remain unchanged.

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